I used to be sane but then my like for kpop happened.

Flawless Junmyeon.

Anonymous asked: do you still talk to people here on tumblr?

Not that much anymore (or not at all )

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teasers 1-23

Yoongi pls

Apperaiation post of how V talks and looks at armys

cuties ♡

For Heechul, Zhoumi is not just a part of a unit group. He is part of the group. Same goes to Henry ♥

pool time!
Introducing to you the rookie group BANGTAN!
EXO birthdays in 2014
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He is like a child sometimes, but is instantly serious and earnest towards his work and other people. He is very humble despite his youth […] His lack of “star disease” makes people like him, his lack of “actor disease” makes you like him even more, and his utter lack of arrogance just wins you completely over.